It’s funny and relieving at the same time. I found the girl I was looking after here. On Tuesday 13th May we met first time. Not on a dating website. On facebook. (obviously search of single woman friends was useless) And to be fair, maybe she was the one that found me. We were high school colleagues. Butterflies and shit. Me-Tough guy. (Yeah right..)   The action I was making my profile more interesting to approach with better chances. I was ready to lose the account in the process. (didn’t really cared..)When I get this like, before I even send a message. What if..? … Continue reading Finally

Write it down

When you write down things that go through your mind, you actually download them. And make room for other thoughts. Freeing your mind,  is always (with few exceptions)  a good thing. Besides, you can analyze them in detached, less personal, way.   That’s why I write here. 🙂

Emotions and songs

Stumbled upon two old songs. Alphaville – Forever Young and ALBATROS – S-A MARIT ARMATA Mandatory army training law was changed before my 18. But while I was very young, heard some stories about army training. The implications of this training had, even then, a major emotional impact on me. I imagined when this training will be useful, and this gave me shivers. In war times. In complete madness, hardly knowing were are your relatives, or if they are even alive. Maybe never seeing them again. Yesterday I felt again all this emotions. And the “forever young” made me aknowledge how … Continue reading Emotions and songs