What you didn’t know about facebook

In the last post I wrote about removing things from life. A process that should take place often,  in order to evolve. Same subject facebook. Many times after using it, I felt robbed of time; of life. Recently I found a list of reasons why you should give up facebook. This list doesn’t consist of something new, and obviously jumps over benefits, but brings together many reasons. In poker, there’s this old saying: If you can’t spot the sucker, then you are sucker. On facebook you can check. You go to activity log,  and look for your likes, your comments, your searches. If your ex … Continue reading What you didn’t know about facebook


Too many times we have too many things in our life. My main college groups were on facebook. I needed more than 9 months to realize that I don’t need that anymore. Too much time, for little value in return. Bang! Same reflex I have to enter on a particular forum. Log-out. + Productivity owl. It’s not perfect, I wished it could allow portions from websites available. Anyway, is great to fight link reflex. I had times when I tried to enter the same website, 3 times in a single minute. — Days after I’ve written this, I lost (again) my main income. I felt … Continue reading Remove!