What you didn’t know about facebook

In the last post I wrote about removing things from life. A process that should take place often,  in order to evolve. Same subject facebook. Many times after using it, I felt robbed of time; of life. Recently I found a list of reasons why you should give up facebook. This list doesn’t consist of something new, and obviously jumps over benefits, but brings together many reasons. In poker, there’s this old saying: If you can’t spot the sucker, then you are sucker. On facebook you can check. You go to activity log,  and look for your likes, your comments, your searches. If your ex … Continue reading What you didn’t know about facebook


Too many times we have too many things in our life. My main college groups were on facebook. I needed more than 9 months to realize that I don’t need that anymore. Too much time, for little value in return. Bang! Same reflex I have to enter on a particular forum. Log-out. + Productivity owl. It’s not perfect, I wished it could allow portions from websites available. Anyway, is great to fight link reflex. I had times when I tried to enter the same website, 3 times in a single minute. — Days after I’ve written this, I lost (again) my main income. I felt … Continue reading Remove!

Don’t help anyone!

Don’t help anyone, unless they ask for it. (at least by their look) After helping them, flee. Two times I helped, only to regret shortly after.   I identified two reasons: If you help before they think they need it. (even if it’s obvious) You take away their supposed satisfaction of achieving themselves.   You show no confidence in them. If you help when in struggle. The reciprocity principle pressures them to give back. If the payback is too big to pay. Sadness comes, and the helper is found to be the reason, thus hated.

And it ended

You know the beautiful girl I felt in love with, 7 months ago. We are not together anymore. Official reason is being less attracted. Actually she was mildly attracted from the beginning. I have to say that she is a nice person. And I mean it. She also respected my will to end it with a kiss. After a nice evening  (14th December) together she told me. We took a long walk, having maybe the most sincere talk of our relationship, also with sweet kisses and hugs. And it ended.  

My first ebook

A couple of days ago I published this short story (aprox. 3000 words), that takes place in Romania. It’s not the best piece of writing, but it’s mine and I feel good about it. Now some quick and hopefully useful info.     Has been online for a week, nobody wanted to pay for a quick read. I made some mistakes: Used the amazon kdp cover design. Has a limited number of pictures, and the only one acceptable, is clearly not the best. Published with no marketing.   The alternative was to wait until everything was perfect. It took about 4 months … Continue reading My first ebook

Write a book

Did you ever thought of that? I did. How hard it could be? It seems nice to juice out my brain, trying to produce something worth reading. Realistically, probably nobody will read something written by somebody. Except me, 10 years after. Which is good enough. And if by chance, someone else enjoys it, that’s even better. Publishing seems very easy these days, with Amazon KDP. And seems to be a lot of fun.


It’s funny and relieving at the same time. I found the girl I was looking after here. On Tuesday 13th May we met first time. Not on a dating website. On facebook. (obviously search of single woman friends was useless) And to be fair, maybe she was the one that found me. We were high school colleagues. Butterflies and shit. Me-Tough guy. (Yeah right..)   The action I was making my profile more interesting to approach with better chances. I was ready to lose the account in the process. (didn’t really cared..)When I get this like, before I even send a message. What if..? … Continue reading Finally

Write it down

When you write down things that go through your mind, you actually download them. And make room for other thoughts. Freeing your mind,  is always (with few exceptions)  a good thing. Besides, you can analyze them in detached, less personal, way.   That’s why I write here. 🙂