How to check followers on duolingo

If you are like me, you want to be followed back by people you follow. Guess what, I can’t make people follow you back.

But I can help you with something else.
Hard to find those that followed you, only to unfollow after a while? Not anymore.

I developed an easy way to find unfollowers. Works well if you have a reasonable amount of people in your lists.

How it works?
We select the content of the lists. Copy it into notepad, then into excel. Those you follow in first column. Followers in the second. If someone you follow is present in the followers column, gives the excel row. Otherwise returns # N/A.


For this you need:

  • your duolingo account
  • notepad
  • excel.
  • this file (you can download it without having an account)

First we need two tabs of duolingo, one with with those you follow , and another one with your followers.

Go to your profile.

duolingo profile

Open your following list.
duolingo following list

Also, in another tab you go to your profile again, and open the followers list.
followers list


Now we scroll to the bottom of those lists.
end of the lists


Open notepad. (useful formatting).

Go to your lists. Select and copy the content, like this.
copy the content

Paste it in notepad. After that pres Control + A. Then copy it again, Control +C.

The new content, paste it (Ctrl+V) in the excel file that you downloaded it from here. First column is for those you follow.

Same process again. Second column for followers.


Now you should see something like this.
duolingo example


What happens?

On 43 row checks morosita, that I’m following. Looks in the second column, if morosita is present. If it is, he returns the row number where it is. In our example 40.


But some people unfollowed me after a while. They appear in the first column, but not in the second. Those will have a #N/A. Meaning they weren’t found.

In the example, I follow pdavs, but he doesn’t follow back.


If I want to unfollow him, I go the the friend list. I press Ctrl+F, and paste pdavs.
searching the non-follower


Hope it will help you.

The easier way is to unfollow everybody, then go to your followers list and follow them back.




Scroll in both tabs to the bottom of the lists.


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