Looking for a relationship

For a couple of days I’m seriously thinking about actively looking for a relationship.

Confusion flows through my mind though.

1. dating websites. Nowadays you  can make a living just by using freelancer websites and your skills. Why can’t we use dating websites to meet someone?

Being an onliner, optimism was present. Not for long, issues ahead:

-limited number of dating websites for Romania. With very limited free actions. Moderated pictures with big waiting times. Didn’t like it.
-paid dating. I just hate this. Ads don’t bring enough revenue? How much bandwidth does this website need? What they bring to the table? For me, paid dating means many fake female profiles.
-free dating. Mostly older female, and ugly chicks looking for a prince.


2. facebook. What if I was using it wrong, the whole time? I remembered the graph search. (Man, how extraordinary was in the presentation.)

Searched for “Friends of my friends who are single women“. Probably the most used graph search. And scroll, scroll, scroll.

Many hot chick. But…
…they are so preoccupied by their looks. And barely saw an interesting girl.


Back to the drawing board. What I’m doing wrong? Maybe girls that I like are not using facebook so much, or don’t share their relationship status, thus making this facebook search flawed. And too easy.

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